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Viacell Studies

Figure A                                                Figure B                                          Figure C
  • VC007 maintains oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation as measured by P50, the partial pressure of oxygen at which hemoglobin is 50% saturated (Figure A).

  • VC007 preserves 2,3 DPG, the principal organic phosphate of human erythrocytes, for 42 days (Figure B).

  • VC007 maintains intracellular ATP for cellular energy (Figure C).

  • VC007 also reduces oxidative stress, maintains membrane integrity (no haemolysis) and prevents formation of inflammatory mediators.

  • Furthermore, the use of this proprietary additive solution does not require any new device or changes in current blood banking practices.

A new additive solution (VC007) developed by Viacell can maintain the ability of RBCs to accept, transport, and deliver oxygen to tissue throughout their shelf life.  VC007 prolongs the period that RBCs can effectively transfer oxygen to target tissues from about 14 days to as long as 42 days.