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RiboCor has expended considerable resources in patenting nearly all known beneficial applications for Ribose. As a naturally occurring compound, Ribose itself cannot be patented. However, based on scientific findings, its use to treat clinical indications is patentable. This method of patenting uses and compositions of naturally occurring compounds is well known in the pharmaceutical industry.

RiboCor owns an extensive patent portfolio, which allows it exclusive rights to sell Ribose for the uses in its patent claims. Many of these patents include their foreign counterparts. In addition, RiboCor has a large number of pending patent applications covering all facets of its business.

US Patent #        US Official Title
6,159,943           Use of Ribose to Prevent Cramping and Soreness in Muscles

6,218,366           Method for Raising the Hypoxic Threshold
6,339,716           Method for Determining Viability of a Myocardial Segment
6,663,859           Compositions for Enhancing the Immune Response
6,703,370           Use of Ribose to Treat Fibromyalgia
7,094,762           Use of Ribose to Treat Fibromyalgia

7,553,817           Methods for Improving Cardiac Function
8,101,581           Use of D-ribose to Treat Cardiac Arrhythmias
8,835,396           Method and Compositions for Improving Pulmonary Hypertension

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