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RiboCor, Inc., is a privately held Minnesota corporation focused on creating long-term shareholder value by commercializing innovative ethical pharmaceuticals for the treatment of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Fibromyalgia and other prevalent, debilitating and costly human diseases. The technology centers on Ribose, a naturally occurring, pentose carbohydrate that is present in every living cell. Ribose is an essential player in all energy-requiring metabolic processes in the body, providing the body with a more rapid means of replenishing depleted, high-energy phosphate levels resulting from oxygen deprivation or chronic over-exertion, such as occurs in CHF and other cardiac diseases. In addition to being novel, RiboCor's pharmaceutical products will offer improved complementary alternatives to currently employed methods, including so-called ‘blockbuster’ drugs, which often have serious side effects. Ribose-based pharmaceuticals seek to improve cardiac function with negligible side effects. RiboCor has sponsored considerable preclinical work, which has demonstrated both safety and efficacy in relevant animal models, and which can now be leveraged into expanded clinical research.

Viacell, LLC, a subsidiary of RiboCor, Inc., has developed a patented additive solution (VC007) that, when added to packed red blood cells (RBCs) harvested for transfusion, sustains the oxygen carrying capacity of RBCs during storage. During storage, a number of biochemical, morphological, and physiological changes occur that negatively affect the ability of the RBCs to transfer oxygen to tissues. Although the shelf life of stored RBCs is 42 days, using the currently marketed preservative solutions, they lose their oxygen carrying capacity within 12-14 days. VC007 prolongs the period that RBCs can effectively transfer oxygen to target tissues from 14 days to as long as 42 days.

The high potential of our programs require sizeable investments and diverse know-how for successful development and eventual commercialization. RiboCor welcomes inquiries from potential partners. Please contact us at: info@ribocor.com