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About RiboCor

RiboCor Pharmaceuticals

  • RiboCor’s mission is to utilize its proprietary technologies using D-Ribose (Ribose) to develop ethical pharmaceuticals to better the lives of patients worldwide who are suffering from some of the most prevalent diseases and conditions affecting mankind, in nearly every case fulfilling needs that are unmet by any other therapy.

  • These diseases exact a great toll, negatively impacting human well-being and productivity and requiring the significant utilization of finite, medical resources. Applications under way or planned include cardiovascular disease, recovery from surgery and other medical interventions, fibromyalgia, and other conditions affecting heart or skeletal muscle metabolism.

Viacell, LLC

  • Viacell is a RiboCor subsidiary,  striving to be the world leader in developing novel products for the blood banking industry that allow stored red blood cells to function better following transfusions, thus improving the outcomes of surgeries and other medical procedures for millions of patients annually.